Framingham Welcomes criminality

This new Framingham “Welcoming” task force is out of control. Miss Shepard my District  7 City Councilor and a Brazilian is using the Framingham people as pawns in her quest to provide her Brazilian Illegal immigrant workers, friends and church people with the yellow brick road to financial freedom.

This ordinance is a SCAM and Miss Shepard by doing this is getting our brain dead City Councilors, the MAYOR and our local State Reps to BREAK FEDERAL LAW that deal with the “Aiding and Abetting” statutes…..

Miss Shepard needs to resign because she took an oath to support the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, not the BRAZILIAN CONSTITUTION. She swore to obey AMERICAN LAWS and order, NOT BRAZILIAN LAWLESSNESS. This Welcoming Task needs to put into its welcoming statement these words:


Framingham welcomes immigrants, it welcomes immigrants LEGALLY and LAWFULLY in Framingham.

Those words should shut this whole Welcoming immigrants to Framingham back to reality and based on RULE OF LAW and not rule of the jungle as Miss Shepard wants it…How the taxpayers of Framingham can allow this misuse of political power to continue is beyond me. How the Mayor can allow this is impossible to understand…..How City Councilor Mike Rossi can fall for this nonsense is an insult to my Italian heritage.

After meeting I offered Mr Rossi a copy of the Newspaper The Boston Broadside that dealt with this Welcoming proclamation issues and he REFUSED it…..SHAME ON HIM, another politician with his brains somewhere else and typical brain dead representative who has fallen to the Siren call of Brazilian illegal immigration…How people can be so ignorant and fall for this nonsense is beyond me…..

Joe Rizoli


District 7

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