Blacks and reparations

Blacks and reparations

Just nonsense….If Schumer really wants to solve this reparations idiocy then he needs to be honest and have his Jewish forefathers pay through modern Jewry today for the blacks enslavement because they OWNED most of the slave ships, they used their base of networking out of Rhode Island where their whole economy was products for the boat shipments which consisted of the making of Rum that was part of this slave trade. If you want to be fair then that is fair…

Here is a link DISAGREEING with my views but I leave it to show that they quote sources that AGREE with me..Their argument is not very convincing defending these slave owners…

I look at this link as something these people have to post, for God forbid the Jews are linked to slavery. These people did what the history people did about the Mary Phagan Leo Frank case. They went to great lengths to try to exonerate Leo Frank, a Jew no matter what the evidence said….But all that is answered truthfully here at

What I am posting is NOT antisemitic but FACTS, don’t fall for the accusations that some will invariably use to rebut me and try stop truthful inquiry…Its the same with the immigration topic, what usually do these people say about us that want the immigration laws enforced? We are HATERS…….

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