State Rep Jack Lewis endorses INFANTICIDE

Screenshot_20190729-023259I would like to respond to State Rep Jack Patrick Lewis article about abortion rights and our youth “Our Youths deserve the ROE Act” MWDN Sunday July 28, 2019 P C-4

. It’s amazing how he praises being a father and keeping children safe and instilling values on the children to become adults but says nothing about the MORALITY that goes with that to instill values on these children to live moral lives.

 If the children were brought up Godly, life respecting persons they would not need abortion rights or a ROE Act to protect their bad decisions because they wouldn’t be having abortions in the first place. Why? Because these children would have been taught by their parents the right way to live chaste lives. Apparently Mr Lewis seems to have failed teaching his children how to live Biblical lives. But then again, like Fathers like sons and daughters in his case.
. He pushes this sanctimonious “protect children rights to abortion” when that teaches children to dishonor their parents opinions as caretakers of those children who are responsible for their GODLY upbringing.
Take away a parents rights to be part of their children’s lives in health decisions related to reproduction rights teaches them the OPPOSITE of what Mr Lewis wants for his own children. It teaches rebelliousness and disrespect for the PARENTS right to decide what is good for their children especially when it’s the parents that need to instill respect that life because LIFE starts in the womb.. Shame on Mr Lewis to promote anarchy for the family unit. He is opening up a can of worms that will be regretted for all in the future….
The next thing that Mr Lewis can look forward to is his progeny pulling off his life support later on in his elderly life against his will because they were taught life is cheap not only for babies in the womb but those in a hospital bed. Yes Mr Lewis, we do make decisions that will affect those in “decades to come”

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